Treya Palmer Naturopath, uses the bio-feedback stress assessment analyzer
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Treya Palmer Naturopath, holistic health consultant
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Treya Palmer Naturopath, holistic health consultant
Treya Palmer Naturopath, holistic health consultant
Treya Palmer Naturopath, biofeedback screening, holistic health consultant
Treya Palmer Naturopath  Treya Palmer's experience with natural medicine began on the farm where she was born and raised in Northern Vermont. After she left home in her early twenties, she was exposed to petrochemicals through a factory job in Illinois, suffering critical damage to her immune system. Several years of medical treatments did little to help and her condition deteriorated to that point that she was unable to work or, on bad days, even leave her home. After visiting several doctors, she realized that modern medicine was not providing answers or effective cures so she began to research alternative therapies.

  Her first introduction to holistic healing was a fortuitous meeting with Laurine Ludwig, an M.D. who specialized in alternative medicine. Dr. Ludwig took the time to mentor Treya, answering her many questions and piquing her interest in the healing field. Within six months, Treya made a full recovery and she spent the next four years working for Dr. Ludwig. When Dr. Ludwig moved to Arkansas, Treya went to work for Dr. Theron Randolph M.D., renowned for the pioneering work he did in the allergy field. Dr. Randolph is a noted author and is credited by many for influencing a major shift in insurance company policies. As a result, insurance companies now include diagnosis and treatment of food allergies as legitimate medical expenses.

  When Dr. Randolph retired at the age of 89, Treya went to work for Daniel Dieska, DDS, a pioneer in alternative dentistry who is well known for his work with mercury-free dentistry and his role in identifying the serious health issues related to the medical/dental connection. He also contributed to the development of correct procedures for amalgam removal. Treya's stint with Dr. Dieska was followed by an invitation from Dr. Pauline Harding, an alternative medical doctor in Illinois, to set up an allergy lab and run it in her expanding clinic. Under Dr. Harding's guidance, Treya did chelation, antigen therapy, vitamin IV therapy, allergy testing, provocative neutralization testing, nutritional holistic health consulting, homeopathy, and laboratory management.

  During this time Treya began to study naturopathy at Clayton College and received her Doctor of Naturopathy degree in 1995. At Clayton, she laid the groundwork for her current career in the naturopathy and since that time has been engaged in ongoing postgraduate study and research. To stay abreast of the new insights and discoveries about health and healing she regularly reads medical literature, attends medical conferences and meets with other health care professionals.

  One of the most valuable tools that Treya uses in her work is the Bio-feedback Stress Assessment Analyzer, which provides valuable information about a client's health. You can read more about this amazing machine elsewhere in this website.

  Treya has traveled extensively within the U.S., educating individuals about their health. Through word of mouth from many of her clients, she has been invited to work in Arizona, California, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Vermont. These days, her practice is focused in California, Florida and Ohio. In addition, she works in Santa Rosa at Dr. Jonathan Racherbaumer's Total Health and Wellness Clinic and in Los Altos with Dr. Raj Patel, specialist in alternative medicine.

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